Lewbari Weekend at Kapu Honu in Winston Salem, NC!!

Lewbari Weekend at Kapu Honu in Winston Salem, NC!

Dates: Friday May 17- Sunday May 19, 2019

Place: Kapu Honu  615 Greensboro Road  High Point, NC 27260

Start time Friday May 17 6pm

Stop time: Sunday May 19, 2019 6pm

Price $300 per couple


Lewbari Weekend

A LewBari Weekend is a two-day instructional hands-on event that takes participants from beginning rope bondage through intensive floor work and on to basic suspension. This is your opportunity to learn rope bondage from one of the most innovative and accomplished riggers on the planet! The weekend offers two very full days of Lew Ruben's high-energy teaching.

From beginners to those with extensive rope skills, everyone can benefit from this comprehensive workshop which will cover all the fundamentals with Lew's unique style.

Word is getting out! There ARE options for learning good, solid, beautiful ropework without all of the fuss. Lew’s simplified rope bondage techniques are safe, easy to learn, and are adaptable to a wide range of uses.



Lew Rubens


Experienced rigger and suspension artist, Lew Rubens has a love and passion of bondage that shows in his work. Known mostly for his wild suspensions, Lew joined the public side of BDSM play spring of 2001 and started his first website, BoundNDetermined.com and started teaching his unique simple bondage style which he branded as “Lewbari” the other “bari”


A few years later Kink.com made him an offer he couldn't resist and he began running Waterbondage.com for them from winter 2006, through spring 2008. Later moving into a "Bondage Consultant" position for the prestigious company.


On his own again now, Lew is concentrating on his “Lewbari Weekend.” Which is a weekend long bondage teaching seminar that takes people from beginning bondage through the basics of suspension in ONE WEEKEND!!


When not teaching Lew concentrates his time on video production and his new product store: TheLewbariStore where he showcases his wild n crazy inventions along with many other bondage and BDSM related fun toys.


Lew has presented his workshops and demos of his unique style at many BDSM and bondage industry events throughout the US, Canada, Austria, Jamaica, Germany, Spain, Australia & Rome.






What to bring:  A mat, blanket or pad to work on for floor ties. We might be on a rug, not sure yet. Water is provided. Comfy clothing.


Rope: Bring whatever you have. I say all kinds of rope can be used for my style. You just need to understand the different characteristics of different kinds of rope. It’s not dependent on friction and you can use it for anything from tying people, to tying camping gear to the top of your car to suspension bondage on people.

One thing though: I like the right tool for the right job. So I carry 3 different lengths. 30ft, 20ft, and 10ft. If all your lengths are long ones it will take you longer to learn in some instances. I’m not saying cut your rope…just beware some things are a bit harder.


Have a safety tool with you.

A suspension ring is nice but carabiners will work too.



Check out my product store:  www.thelewbaristore.com

I have ¼’ solid braid nylon rope there. Safety tools, suspension rings and more. There are special prices for Lewbari Weekend kits so you can save money.

I’ll have a limited supply of these items at the event. Also no special prices at the event. Best to buy before the event.


If you would like liked colored nylon rope contact Myx at:






Notes:  We hope to have t-shirts available for the event!


  “I got Lew’d in Winston Salem”


  “Lewbari Graduate”


  “Lewbari,  the other “bari”


  “Crew Lew”


Click here to see them:




Picture policy:  I think people should be able to take pictures of their first suspensions or any memories they want to have or just take pics so you can remember what is taught!  If you can do this without getting others in pics then it should be ok. 

We WILL go over this policy again at the time of the classes.

There is a chance that a terrific local photographer - RobMcRAE will be available for pictures. For those interested in professional sexy pics please contact him directly on his fetlife page at:


or his email: rob.r@rbrandall.com



Please contact Lew at:

lewrubensproductions@gmail.com if you have questions, concerns or comments.


 The plan:

Friday Meet & Greet  6-8pm

Saturday 10am-6pm

Sunday    10am-6pm

Full itinerary below


Lewbari Weekend Daily Itinerary



9:30 Doors Open

10:00 -  12:00

Beginning Rope Bondage

Types of Rope to use

Single limb ties

Two limb ties


Hogtie to practice everything!


Bondage For Sex!


Classic Bondage for Sex ideas

Hands only positions

Variations on spread eagle

Wrist/ankle tie

Hitachi/Womens best friend

Bondage Missionary


 12:00 - 1:00   lunch


1:00 - 3:00

Advanced Rope Bondage

Half hitch shortcuts

Cinch Shortcuts

Keeping it Neat

Problem Solving

Planning ahead


3:15-5:30  Classic Bondage positions

Sausage tie (hogtie precursor)






And more!



Doors open 9:30



Beginning Suspension


Weight Distribution

My Style vs Traditional Styles

The Torso Tie and testing it

Basic Face Down Horizontal Position WITH Block & Tackle


Lunch 1:00-2:00



Intermediate Suspension - Static Ring

Basic Face Down Horizontal Position

Bondage Missionary

Freestyle Practice





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Lewbari Weekend at Kapu Honu in Winston Salem, NC!!

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